Movie Park Minecraft

Park: Open (2/15 Online)
IP: (1.20.4)
Please use 4GB RAM! (How to setup)

Fairy World Spin

Fairy World Spin

Visit the fairies Cosmo and Wanda in their fairy world and let yourself be whirled around in the "Fairy World Spin". It's fun for the whole family!

We're social!


28.06.2024 at 20:35

  • Grand Opening of Operation Red Carpet
  • Opening of Trattoria Hollywood
  • Edited Operation Red Carpet to include less Media Content

Posted by: CoasterFurMerlin
04.06.2024 at 17:25

  • Fixed a bug on the Website where logging in would stop working after a few days.
  • Added new Tooltips when hovering over certain objects in the park
  • These include: Shops, Operator Panels, Useable Doors, Benches and Ticket Scanners

    Turnstiles and Operator Panels should be easier to use now.

  • Improved fountains at NYC Transformer

Posted by: CoasterFurMerlin