28.06.2024 at 20:35

  • Grand Opening of Operation Red Carpet
  • Opening of Trattoria Hollywood
  • Edited Operation Red Carpet to include less Media Content

Posted by: CoasterFurMerlin
04.06.2024 at 17:25

  • Fixed a bug on the Website where logging in would stop working after a few days.
  • Added new Tooltips when hovering over certain objects in the park
  • These include: Shops, Operator Panels, Useable Doors, Benches and Ticket Scanners

    Turnstiles and Operator Panels should be easier to use now.

  • Improved fountains at NYC Transformer

Posted by: CoasterFurMerlin
28.05.2024 at 19:49

  • Time Riders is now fully automatic and can be visited any time! Of course you can still operate it
  • Star Trek Operation Enterprise received a new screen in the Queue
  • The Enterprise in Star Trek Operation Enterprise was reenabled
  • Currently improving theming around Paw Patrol Adventure Bay
  • Skye's High Flyer received a new model and ride system.
  • Added more music to Streets of New York
  • Added more music to The Old West
  • LED screen near the entrance fountain can now display more
  • During Road to Hollywood lyrics will appear on the LED screen
  • Reenabled /lang to change the flag next to your name

Posted by: CoasterFurMerlin
10.05.2024 at 23:37

  • Rebuild of the water ride "Dora's Big River Adventure"
  • New water effects on selected attractions
  • Improvement of fountains at the main entrance
  • More greenery in the park
  • Introduction of vending machines in the park
  • New turnstiles at the attractions and at the main entrance

Posted by: Kjello5
21.04.2024 at 21:20

  • Revamped "The Bandit" with a new Ride Experience
  • Sea Swing is now open at Nickelodeon Land

Posted by: InfinityCoasters
21.04.2024 at 16:50

  • Added a new animated LED screen on The Toymaker Store
  • Redesigned The Toymaker
  • Added animated information displays throughout the park

Posted by: CoasterFurMerlin
15.04.2024 at 20:12

  • Updated IronClaw Track
  • New Lift and Brake Sound
  • Added some Theme to IronClaw
  • Added Details to the Ride itself

Posted by: InfinityCoasters
08.04.2024 at 21:28

  • The Load/Unload Platform at Area 51 and Excalibur Secrets of the Dark Forest now rotate the player
  • Fixed Permission issues with Train Carts
  • Fixed Permission issues at multiple smaller attractions. You should now be able to operate them normally again

Posted by: CoasterFurMerlin
21.03.2024 at 00:05

  • Removed Instant Payout at rides. There is now a different way to get money.
  • Added Daily Challenges. These will mostly be something like riding or operating a ride. (Guests will get 5 Challenges while Staff get 7)
  • Added Weekly Challenges. These are 5 basic tasks around the park.
  • For Completed Challenges you will be rewarded coins
  • All Players share the same Weekly Challenges. Daily Challenges will be different for every player.

Posted by: CoasterFurMerlin
20.03.2024 at 03:40

  • Multi Language was removed due to multiple bugs related to it (Some Placeholders may have been missed. Please report any weird looking text)
  • Added a new Cutscene when joining the server. You can skip it by pressing shift
  • Finished Marilyn's Café near Nickland
  • Finished Hollywood Snack near Nickland
  • Added Duck Fishing at Highfall
  • Some Shops received new GUI. Some of these dont sell the right items yet. This change was made in preparation for our Food Overhaul coming soon
  • Closed Highfall for technical overhaul

Posted by: CoasterFurMerlin
12.03.2024 at 21:21

  • Crazy Surfer received a new Track and has now a smoother Ride experience
  • Pier Side Carousel is now open at the Santa Monica Pier and is waiting for your rides!      

Posted by: InfinityCoasters
11.03.2024 at 19:35

  • Van Helsing's Factory received a new Track
  • The Boiler Room reveived some minor adjustments
  • The Forest was completely rebuilt and now has some fany light effects
  • The animation on the second lift was redone

Posted by: CoasterFurMerlin
07.03.2024 at 02:30

  • Added Onride Photo to Area 51 - Top Secret
  • Added Onride Photo to Excalibur Secrets of the Dark Forest
  • Added New Drivers Licence to TMNT Licence to Drive
  • Added Happy End store to view Onride Photos
  • The Time Riders Movie recieved a new Scene and should now display your group in the movie

Posted by: CoasterFurMerlin
06.03.2024 at 17:36

Onride Photos are back!

These are done already:

  • Movie Park Studio Tour
  • Ghost Chasers
  • Star Trek Operation Enterprise
  • Area 51 - Top Secret
  • Excalibur Secrets of the Dark Forest
  • Doras Big River Adventure
  • The Bandit
  • Van Helsing's Factory
These rides will follow soon.

Posted by: CoasterFurMerlin
04.03.2024 at 22:21

  • Ghost Chasers was given a new Track. It should now be smoother.
  • Backyardigans Mission to Mars was given a new Track. It should also be smoother and have a better ride experience.
Changes to Movie Park Studio Tour:
  • Movie Park Studio Tour was given a new Track
  • The Doors in the Queue were overhauled
  • Scene 1 (Hallway) was comepletely redone
  • The Jerky Movement was improved
  • Scene 3 (Wrong Turn) received a new Background
  • The Turntable now turns smoother
  • Scene 10 (Skyline) was fixed and now shows fireworks again
  • Scene 12 (Orchestra) was overhauled

Posted by: CoasterFurMerlin
21.02.2024 at 19:54

  • Star Trek Operation Enterprise was given a new Track. It should now be smoother and more reliable

Posted by: CoasterFurMerlin
15.12.2023 at 19:58

  • New Mainstreet Christmas Audio
  • First Minecraft Droneshow (Every Day 19:45|21:30|01:45 CET)
  • Christmas Tree Celebration (Every Day 16:45 CET)
  • We can now also be found on Threads:
  • New LED-Wall at the Entrance
  • Working on Christmas Parade
  • Working on Christmas Studio Tour
  • Major Bugfixes and minor Changes

Posted by: CoasterFurMerlin
11.12.2023 at 04:01

  • Found CRITICAL Performance issue in resource pack. FPS should now be improved significantly
We have also been working on the new shows featured in Hollywood Christmas.
Please note that this process takes some time. Since the IRL event has only existed for a week we are a bit limited in how quickly we can get music and information in general. We also didn't get any time upfront for that reason.

We are close to finishing both the Drone Show and Christmas Tree Celebration and will announce the premiere date in a few days.

Posted by: CoasterFurMerlin
16.11.2023 at 11:35

  • New Visitor Welcome Center (Information / Speedy Pass / Maze Ticket & co)
  • New Signage throughout the Park
  • New Information Board at the Main Entrance
  • The Roxy Theatre now shows the title of the Movie that is currently playing
  • Improved Client Side Performance

Posted by: CoasterFurMerlin
14.11.2023 at 09:46

  • We have added a new Basketball Minigame (You can win SpecialTickets)
  • Added new SpecialTicket (Can be used as Maze Ticket / Speedy Pass and will be useful in upcoming Events)
  • Gave all Paths in the Park a new look
  • Added more Music to New York in non Halloween mode
  • Brought back TMNT License to Drive!
  • Barnyard Bumpers are now Open!
  • Side Kick is now Open!
  • Star Trek Operation Enterprise Preshow is running again!
  • Changed the March of the Monsters to follow the Real Life Path.
  • Added Lightshow to March of the Monsters

Posted by: CoasterFurMerlin
07.11.2023 at 07:59

  • New York City Transformer is now open
  • We hired new Cleaning Staff for our Park
  • New Trash Cans were added
  • We impoved our Ingame Moderation System to be more easy to use (Only for our Team Members)
  • Added Ridelogs to be able to provide better support for Attraction Staff (Only for our Team Members)

Posted by: CoasterFurMerlin
03.11.2023 at 03:07

  • Most Automatic Rides now have Ride Operaors actually operating the Rides.
  • Splash Bash and Fairy World Spin will soon be available to operate for Staff Members
  • Iron Claw now changes to Baboo Twister Express on Halloween
  • Fixed some Performance Issues on Hollywood Boulevard. (Please give Feedback if you had problems before)

Posted by: CoasterFurMerlin
23.10.2023 at 15:10

  • Most Rides in Nickland now have an Operator Panel. You can operate them like any other ride. When no operator is present these Rides will still continue automatically.
  • Rides will now shut down / switch into auto mode after a certain time of inactivity
  • Area 51 recieved new Aliens😁

Posted by: CoasterFurMerlin
09.10.2023 at 17:24

  • Star Trek Operation Enterprise can now be operated again.
  • Van Helsing's Factory recieved new Onride Audio
  • Time Riders can now be operated by Staff
  • A NEW Ligthshow on Hollywood Boulevard will play every 20 minutes during HHF

Posted by: CoasterFurMerlin
05.10.2023 at 12:15

  • The opening weekend bugs have been fixed
  • You can now also buy maze tickets in Minecraft (Attention: Maze tickets cost 3 Times more in the game than on our Website. So it's worth checking out the Website
  • Time Rider is ready and will open the doors for you today at 4 pm!
  • Hellhouse is ready and will open tomorrow, October 6th 2023 at 6 pm

Posted by: CoasterFurMerlin